• Alternative Form Layout

    Make sure to check the settings you currently have for your forms’ layout, you might want to change it to a wider, “cleaner” version that has just been designed and added your settings.

    Check out this article to see how to change your form layout.

  • Conditional Questions and Skip Logic

    IntakeQ now supports conditional/skip logic questions, allowing you to hide or show certain questions based on a specific previous answer. The feature can only be applied to multiple choice questions, if you’d like to learn how to use it, check out this article.

  • Enhanced Appointment Reminders (SMS & Voice)

    IntakeQ’s appointment reminder has been revamped and it now supports E-mail, SMS and phone calls. The new setup section can be found under the Settings tab in the Booking Settings page.

    Click here to learn how to customize the appointment reminders.


  • Enhanced Form Customization

    Here are four new ways to customize your intake forms:

    – Custom email template per form
    – Custom header per form
    – Consent Form position
    – Progress Indicator and Default Instructions

    Check out this article to learn how to use/change these features.

  • Input Fields on Consent Forms

    Some consent forms might require more input from your client than just their signature. Now you can add input fields/forms into it to gather extra information and we made it a very user friendly tool. Check out this article to learn how to insert both types of fillable sections to your form.