How Electronic Health Records Can Save You Money

Going digital is an inevitable, no matter what type of practice you run. Although all records for patients were kept on paper in the past, digitized records are the way of the future. And not only can these electronic health records (more commonly known as EHRs) save you time, but going digital can also save you money.

Digital Records Can Reduce Medical Errors

Medical errors are not only a drain on the healthcare system, but physicians of all types can spend a lot of time, effort and dollars treating complications due to a medical error. But EHRs can help reduce these kinds of medical errors, from proffering the wrong treatment to prescribing the wrong dosage of medication.

Easily Share Records Across Providers

In the past, one healthcare provider would need to fax sensitive records of a patient over to a new provider. However, digitized records make sharing these kinds of records quick, easy and secure.

Billing Integration Means Quicker Payments

Many EHR systems also offer full integration with a billing side of the platform. This kind of seamless integration between the digitized records of a patient and billing for their account can save healthcare providers a lot of time and money. Digitized records and billing integration can mean quicker payments for healthcare professionals, as well as quicker reimbursements for patients.

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