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Recently Released Updates 

  1. Third-Party Contacts 👪
    • Receive appointment communications
    • Have access to their own chat channel in the portal with access to the clients appointments, billing and forms/documents
    • Can mange the appts/card/invoices for the client via booking widget 
  2. More Standard Forms – We’ve added more standard forms, grouped them by specialty and we’re looking to add more (email us if you’d like to share!)
  3. Total Income Financial Report – Dashboard Widget
  4. Filter by ‘Tag’, ‘Note Status’ and ‘Billing Type’ on Claims -> Appts
    -Further filtering can help prevent billing errors.
    Ex. See all appts with locked notes for all clients with specific tags that are of the insurance billing type
    -See all appts with unlocked notes for followup
  5. Filter by ‘Tag’ and ‘Note Status’ on Claims -> Create Claims
    – Further filtering can prevent billing errors
    -See all claims with locked notes to see which are ready to be submitted
  6. List > Claims – Sort by Session Date
    If multiple sessions exist, it will sort by the first date
  7. Lists > Appts > CSV Export
    -We removed the “min” value from the duration column. This will allow for the use of formulas on the spreadsheet (e.g. SUM formula to calculate billing and payroll)
  8. Claim Activity
    – When the claim number gets assigned it will now show in the claim activity. This is helpful when they need to follow up on issues.
  9. Note Status Filter on Lists> Claims Appts and ‘Create Claims’
    – Adding ‘Missing’ as a filter – This will show All Appts without a note
  10. Current Diagnosis Question Type Updates
    -You can now edit the diagnosis for a visit from the Current Diagnosis question type.
    -This will allow you to remove, add and arrange Diagnosis Codes.
    -These updates would only apply to that visit / note and would follow through to the claim or Superbill for notes linked to appointments.
    -This will give users a bit more flexibility when managing diagnosis from visit to visit as the focus of the visit can change.

Upcoming Updates

  1. Eprescribing – We are in our final beta testing for eRX (yay!) and are so thrilled so see dozens of clinics already enjoying the benefits of direct prescription integration in their PracticeQ Account. If you’d like to join in before open application, email us!
  2. PracticeQ Payments – We’ve delayed raising our effective rates and we’re offering one last opportunity to lock in 2.75% and $.30 per transaction to those who apply until April 30th. Starting May 1st our rate will go up to 2.9% and $.30 per transaction. That’s still an effective rate, meaning you’re not charged a varying rate on different cards or transaction types!
  3. Good Faith Estimates – No more workarounds for GFE’s, our team is working to have this built out and standardized within your account. Stay tuned!

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