• Practitioner's notes and drawing questions

    Practitioner’s Notes

    You can now add your own notes to an intake form after your patient has completed it. You can add one note per question.

    Check out this article to learn how to use the feature.

    Drawing questions

    Another popular request we were getting was to add the ability to have questions where patients could use the mouse to draw over images. We heard you and that feature has been created.

    Check out this article to learn how to create drawing questions.






  • Multiple Consent/Agreement Forms

    Thanks to your feedback, we discovered that it’s common to send multiple documents for your clients to sign. Based on this, we made some changes to how consent forms work and now you can have more than one document attached to a single intake form.

    Check out this article to learn how to create an intake package (to which you can associate one or multiple consent forms).


  • Recent Updates

    Hello, everyone!

    The last few months have been really busy and we’ve added tons of good stuff to IntakeQ.

    Online booking and payment module

    You can now have clients book and pay for appointments in your own website using our booking widget. We packed it with features and made it extremely easy to set up.

    It contains all the features you’d expect from a scheduling software, but what we’re most excited about is the ability to have your intake and consent forms sent automatically upon booking.

    Check out this article to learn how to set up online booking and payment.

    Questions Database

    We’ve been working with professionals in different fields to provide us with intake form templates to help people get started.

    You can now import pre-existing questions to your forms and tweak them to your own liking.

    Improved Intake Forms

    Based on your feedback, we’ve been making our online intake forms even better for you and your clients. We’ve added support for new question formats, made the questionnaire more dynamic, added ability to group your questions in sections, and made several small usability improvements.

    Check out this article to learn how to use “Mixed Controls” for a better layout.
    Check out this article for some tips on how to customize your intake form.
    Check out this article to learn how to use “File Attachment” question types.
    Check out this article to learn how to use “Conditional Questions” and “Skip Logic”.


  • Generic HTML forms vs. IntakeQ

    There are many reasons why IntakeQ is a far better option than to have generic HTML forms embedded to your website. Check out this article to learn about the many advantages of IntakeQ.


  • E-Signature Support

    We have good news! E-signatures are now supported on intake and consent forms. Read more about e-signatures and learn how to enable them.

    e-signature on intake form

    You can now go 100% paperless with your intake forms!