Enhanced form customization

Here are four new ways to customize your intake forms:

  •  Custom email template per form  – you can have a different header and email template for each form!
  • Custom header per form – If you have varying segments or practices within your clinic you can customize the header at the top of your forms to reflect this.
  • Consent Form position – Would you prefer your consent forms at the top or bottom of the page? You now have the choice to pick where you’d like the additional consents to appear.
  • Progress Indicator and Default Instructions – Progress indicators help patients track where they are in the onboarding package and whether they’re close to completion or not. Default instructions are editable and can help guide clients through the process of filling out a form that may have specific instructions which need to be followed!

Check out this article to learn how to use or change these features to have your forms best represent you and your practice.

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