• Your Free Patient Reactivation Checklist

    Managing an increasing number of patients is a common challenge for growing healthcare facilities. It’s easy to lose touch with patients. That’s why employing a good patient reactivation strategy can make a substantial difference in providing quality care and keeping patients engaged.

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    Reduce Cancellations and Save Time with Appointment Reminders

    Some patients don’t just miss one appointment. Instead, they’re chronically unreliable, and they tend to miss more appointments than they attend. The good news is that they’re probably only a small percentage of your patient base. The bad news is that when they get used to canceling late or not showing up, it can become a habit. Here’s how to reduce cancellations with appointment reminders.

  • What You Need to Know About HIPAA and Online Forms

    Fines for HIPAA violations can be severe. Here’s what practices need to know about HIPAA, online forms, and using technology to build a positive patient experience.

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    Teletherapy Best Practices to Get You Up and Running Fast

    Whether you’re just getting started with teletherapy or want to optimize your delivery, we have best practices to get you up and running fast.

  • What You Need to Know About Digital Intake Forms and the Patient Experience

    Patient paperwork will put a drag on your medical practice. It is not only frustrating for your patients’ time, but it’s also a drag on your productivity. That’s why physicians and practice managers are taking their digital intake forms online.