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How to Set Up Intake Forms: A 5-Step Guide 

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Get Started with Paperless Forms for Easier, Stress-Free Client Onboarding 

Considering paperless intake for your practice? Understanding how to set up intake forms online can be a tricky process if you’re not sure where to start.  

But when you know the steps, it’s well worth it; online intake offers various benefits, from enhancing data accuracy to improving patient satisfaction. Not to mention, it streamlines your workflow, making your practice more efficient.  

So, what’s the best way to set up digital intake forms in your practice? It’s surprisingly easy with IntakeQ’s five steps. 

Step 1: Get Organized  

Create & Customize Forms 

First, here’s where you decide whether to use existing forms or design new ones. If you prefer your existing forms, IntakeQ can convert them into electronic versions in only a few business days.  

Alternatively, you have the option to create your own forms from scratch or use IntakeQ’s comprehensive question library. IntakeQ provides a variety of question types, like short answers, multiple choice, or checkboxes, to best fit the information you need to collect. Plus, the platform offers over 100 form templates that you can import and use immediately for clients. You can also customize the forms with your practice’s branding, like logos and specific color schemes. This way, you’ll add a professional touch and maintain consistency in patient communication.  

Once you’re done customizing your new forms, don’t forget to include sections for e-signatures for consent and legal documentation. This is an important step; it makes intake more efficient while securing and legally binding agreements with your clients. 

Organize and Review Forms 

After creating your forms, the next step is to organize the questions in a way that’s easy for patients to understand and respond to. Consider a logical sequence, like starting with basic personal details and progressing to more specific medical history.  

Plus, it’s important to review the clarity of your questions. Make sure they’re straightforward and easy to comprehend, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings or incorrect responses. With a well-organized and clear form, you can significantly enhance the patient experience and the quality of information collected. 

Step 2: Choose Your Delivery Method 

Now that your digital forms are ready, think about how you’ll get them to your patients. You can email forms directly, provide a private link for secure access, or send forms automatically when patients book an appointment. Each method has its benefits (email is direct and personal, a private link offers added security, and sending forms automatically saves time), so pick what works best for your practice and your patients.  

Step 3: Have Patients Fill Out the Forms 

Get Patients to Engage with Digital Forms 

Now it’s time for your patients to interact with the forms. They’ll fill out their details, answer your questions, and use the e-signature feature for consent forms. It’s important to let your patients know how straightforward and secure this process is. A quick guide or a simple explanation can go a long way in making them comfortable with this digital step. 

Ensure Security and Compliance  

Security is a top priority. All forms are securely hosted on IntakeQ’s HIPAA-compliant platform. Plus, IntakeQ signs a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with your practice, ensuring robust protection of patient information. This reinforces trust and shows your commitment to maintaining high standards of privacy and care. 

Step 4: Receive & Manage Forms 

Get Notified When Forms Are Complete 

Whenever a patient finishes and submits their forms, IntakeQ immediately sends you an email notification. This keeps you informed in real-time, ensuring you’re always updated on patient submissions without constant system checks. 

Simplify Your Workflow 

Every time you’re notified, you can quickly access completed forms for efficient review and action. This way, you can keep your practice organized and respond quickly to new patient data. It keeps your practice agile and ready to address specific patient needs or queries with the most current information. Not to mention, it means more time for focused patient interactions (like in-depth consultations) and less time sorting through paperwork. 

Step 5: Review Completed Forms 

Review Data & Add Notes 

Once your patients have completed their intake forms, it’s time to review the valuable information they’ve provided. You can use this data to gain valuable insights into patients’ medical history, preferences, and specific needs.  

Plus, it allows you to tailor their care plans, offer more personalized treatments, and ensure a higher quality of care. Data can also help you streamline administrative tasks, like insurance processing and appointment scheduling, making your practice even more efficient. 

Download and Print 

IntakeQ allows you to download the completed forms in various formats (including PDF or CSV), making it convenient to store and share patient data securely. Downloaded forms seamlessly integrate into your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, ensuring that all patient information is centralized and easily accessible.  

Moreover, having the option to print forms is a major advantage for practices that prefer physical records or need hard copies for specific requirements. Whether it’s digital integration or traditional paper records, your practice can efficiently manage patient data in the format that best suits your needs.  

Simplify Your Intake Process with IntakeQ 

Now that you know how to set up intake forms, your practice is ready to run smoother and offer a better experience for your patients. You can focus on providing great care, while the administrative side is more efficient and less intrusive. 

With IntakeQ’s digital forms solution, you get: 

  • Forms that you can tailor to the unique needs of your practice 
  • Easy integration with your current systems for a smooth transition 
  • A straightforward, user-friendly platform for both staff and patients 
  • Strong data security to keep patient information safe 
  • A friendly support team ready to help you at every step 

Ready to see what your forms will look like? See forms setup in action with IntakeQ and step into a world of streamlined patient intake. 


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