Why It Pays to Hire People Who Speak the Healthcare Language

Regardless of what kind of practice you run, finding and hiring the right people is an integral piece of your business’ puzzle. The right staff members can keep a practice running without a hitch, like a well-oiled machine.

Not sure how to find employees who speak the language of your practice? Here’s a few tips to guide you through the discovery and hiring process.

Find the Passionate

Many people enter the healthcare field because they have a passion for helping others. It’s a good idea to search for potential staffers who have harnessed this kind of enthusiasm and focus it into their career.

Hiring someone who genuinely believes in the mission of your practice and the services you provide will help them fit in culturally. And passionate workers also tend to provide better service for your patients as well.

Lifelong Learners

Even if a candidate doesn’t tick all the boxes as far as experience is concerned, the right staffer will have an open mind and is willing to learn on the job. Most practice processes can be learned in training, so finding someone who is unafraid to learn new things (and is excited about doing so) can go a long way when it comes to fitting in at your practice.

Hire From Within the Ranks

This may seem intuitive, but many practices and industries put an undue focus on external recruiting. However, it can often make more sense to hire someone from within the ranks of your business. They are already familiar with your practice, and likely speak your language. They also likely have an understanding of your expectations and how you work, which would make the transition into a lateral move or promotion far easier.


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