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A Better Experience with 11 New Updates for PracticeQ

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In a continued effort to amplify your experience and the functionality of PracticeQ, we’re thrilled to share our latest product updates with you. From enhanced financial reporting capabilities to new dashboard widgets and optimized payment features, each update is meticulously engineered to enhance the seamless operation of your practice. Let’s delve into what’s new for this October! 

1. Enhanced Clarity with our Updated Income Report 

Navigate to Reports > Income to experience a detailed breakdown of your insurance payments, now neatly segregated by each payer, providing you with clearer insights into your income streams. 

2. An Added Dimension to Your Income Reports 

Under Reports > Income, find an additional line item for client coupons and discounts, making your income reconciliation more transparent and comprehensive by showing the aggregate of all discounts used in a specific timeframe. 

3. Stay Ahead with the “Potential Card Issues” Dashboard Widget 

Exclusive to PracticeQ Payments customers, we’ve introduced a filter to exclude new clients who haven’t added a card yet, and additionally, you can now dismiss individuals from the list permanently or for a specified 30-day period, customizing your alert experience. 

4. Future-Proofing Your Appointments with Adaptive Fee Scheduling 

Editing the custom fee schedule on a client profile? You can now opt to apply these changes to all future appointments already booked, ensuring consistent and accurate billing. 

5. PracticeQ Payments Enhancements – Focused Accessibility for External Billers 

A new permission under “Special Permissions” grants access to the Payment Dashboard (found under the “More” menu), enabling external billers to garner all the necessary payment information without any hurdles. 

6. PracticeQ Payment’s Preemptive Move Against Invalid Card Entries 

With a new setting found under “Booking Settings > Payments”, enforce a pre-authentication on newly entered cards, confirming their validity with a temporary 1 cent hold, which is subsequently voided, ensuring only valid cards are entered into the system. 

7. Enhanced Visibility with PracticeQ Payment’s Added Settlement Date 

Now, you’ll find the settlement date displayed on: 

  • Invoice Payment Details 
  • Payments CSV Report 
  • Income Report UI 
  • Simplifying the reconciliation process, especially for those utilizing QuickBooks. 

8. Fullscript’s More Intuitive Recommendation Drafting 

An improved user experience awaits where if a Draft has been created, the button will now display “Open Draft”, eliminating any confusion and making it effortless to pick back up on your recommendation creations. 

9. Cohesive Pricing with Custom CPT on Superbills 

No more discrepancies! Your custom prices on CPTs will now flow seamlessly through to superbills, a feature that was previously functional for invoices only. 

10. Collapse & Expand Live Note Sections 

While using the ‘section’ question types on note templates, you’re now able to use an arrow control which will allow you to collapse or expand each section individually. Even better? Click the entire line to expand or contract as well! 

11. Prescription View Change 

Prescriptions in the patient profile can sometimes become cluttered over time, we’ve added in a sorting functionality so you can filter out previous prescriptions to avoid showing duplicates in the prescription list! 

At PracticeQ, we’re perpetually exploring innovative solutions to harmonize your operations and enhance the robustness of our platform. Your feedback propels our innovation, and we warmly invite your thoughts on these updates as well as new feature requests. Navigate through these new features, explore their capabilities, and continue to expect more as we stride forward, refining and innovating for your optimal experience. 

We’ve got a few more exciting updates before the end of the year coming down the pipeline, keep an eye out for our highly requested advanced inventory management in the coming weeks. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you need any assistance with navigating through these new updates. Here’s to streamlined operations and a continually enhancing practice management journey! 

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