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How Mobile Devices Are Changing Healthcare

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The explosion of mobile technology has proven to be a boon for many industries—and the healthcare field is no exception.

Mobile devices and the accompanying technology have brought some significant changes and are helping transform the industry to increase accessibility to care for patients and streamline processes for healthcare providers.

Here are a few other ways mobile devices are altering the healthcare industry’s status quo:

Monitoring Chronic Illnesses

The pervasiveness of smartphones, in particular, makes it easier for healthcare providers to help patients monitor and manage chronic illnesses. 

Remote monitoring systems deployed via mobile devices will save an estimated $197 billion in medical costs over the next 25 years. These remote monitoring systems can help deliver care for illnesses like diabetes and chronic pain sufferers by allowing them to easily track their symptoms and provide physicians with accurate data that may indicate a more significant problem.

Reaching Rural Populations

Patients in rural areas often don’t receive the same care as those in urban settings. However, a wealth of technology has helped healthcare providers serve these remote areas more seamlessly. 

With mobile devices equipped with remote databases and electronic health records, doctors can virtually access patients thousands of miles away and dispense the crucial care they need to enhance their lives.

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