Going virtual: Flexibility, growth and cost-savings!

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Summer’s a perfect time to optimize your operations
It’s prime time…some practices are a bit slower this time of the year. Take the opportunity now to optimize your practice, helping you lead your competition as you guide your practice to even greater success! Here are some easy and time-saving ideas: 

Check what you’ve automated, and/or set up even more automation — There are many tasks that you can easily automate. Why waste time on analog reminders or run the risk of handoffs between team members? Tasks can be set for many day-to-day items to help your workflow; some of the most common are to review intakes, write clinic notes, and reminders to follow up. 

Review your booking settings — Do you have extra services left over from the height of the pandemic? Are you still offering telehealth in a hybrid-type combination of office and remote, or should you remove telehealth appointment settings? Is your office address up to date? Head to Bookings > Booking Settings to take a look! 

Archive clients and forms — If you find yourself with long lists of clients and intakes because you don’t want to delete anything to maintain your HIPAA compliance, don’t worry. You can archive clients and intakes you don’t need to see anymore. These items aren’t deleted but removed from lists and search exports; you can still pull them up and unarchive them in the future.  

This is perfect for clinics that see patients only a couple of times and don’t often see them again but need to maintain the patients’ files. Need to unarchive them? Not a problem! The Archiving Clients Support page goes over that so you can access any of your files as needed. 

Deactivating forms — Do you have a lot of form templates you don’t use very often? There are a couple of options here. First, you can deactivate (click the ‘…’ in the upper right of any form template on the form); this doesn’t remove the form template, but it will no longer show in your “send forms” drop-down list. The second option is to delete your template if you no longer need it; open the form template and, using the ‘…’ menu, select ‘delete.’

Touchless providers find a virtual practice a virtually flawless choice

Did you transition to a fully virtual practice due to COVID-19, and then head back to the office only to find that you hated the return? You’re not alone.

If you’re a fully “touchless” provider (such as behavioral health, nutrition and others not requiring hands-on patient contact), you have the option to work from home or another remote location…all of the time. 

See how Mosaic Clinical Services found it could save the not-insignificant costs of having office space, while meeting its patients’ needs and increasing staff satisfaction. The ability to work from home has also been one of the practice’s key differentiators as it recruits additional team members. It’s a winning combination all around!

Learn more about the potential benefits and challenges of going totally virtual in this recent blog.

New and enhanced features available!

  • Permission to hide pricing information — In some clinics, it’s vital to keep pricing information private from your staff, such as amounts of diagnosis codes, invoice pricing, etc. If you want to keep the pricing information private from your staff without affecting your clients, you can do so with the Special Role Permission — Hide Appointment Prices. See this Support page for more information.
  • Google Meet integration — practiceQ enables you to connect to Google Meet so you can schedule telehealth sessions with your clients. It relies on a connection to Google Calendar, so you’d need to have that connected to the system as well (sync with Google Calendar). For more information, see this page on the Support site.

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