4 Reasons You Should Schedule Workday Breaks

These days, it’s easy for healthcare workers (or any office workers) to get so busy and bogged down with their daily responsibilities that they neglect to take a break. No coffee break, no lingering at the watercooler, no lunch away from their desk.

One reason for this is that taking frequent breaks is often erroneously associated with lack of productivity. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. More and more studies show that taking regular breaks actually aids in productivity rather than detract from it.

So, why else should you make time for those regular breaks throughout the day? Here’s a few other reasons:

Working Smarter is Better Than Working Harder

Just because you’re putting in long hours with your nose to the grindstone doesn’t mean you’re actually making a bigger impact. Doing efficient, more productive work for shorter periods of time is far more effective than putting in 10-12 hours where you’re simply languishing at your workstation.

Brain Food is Necessary

Breakfast and lunch should be non-negotiables in your day. Why? Because feeding your mind means you’re feeding your brain. Anyone who has skipped one too many meals will confess that it’s almost impossible to concentrate for sustained periods of time when your stomach is rumbling.

Short Breaks Sustain Concentration

Studies have shown over and over again that taking short breaks (think 15 minutes or so) actually helps rejuvenate brain function and helps you maintain concentration for longer. So don’t be shy about taking that stretch break or grabbing a quick coffee to get your juices flowing again.

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