doctor handles smartphone with tablet and stethoscope on the table below

3 Must-Have Apps for Healthcare Providers

Nowadays, your phone is much more than an alarm clock and communication tool. Healthcare providers have many apps available to make their lives a little easier.

While there are dozens of helpful tools for healthcare workers (often tailored to your particular function in healthcare), here are our top three apps that keep you on task and moving forward.

Merck Manual

Merck Manual, also known as one of the standard reference texts in healthcare, has created an app version for easy use on the go. Clinicians or other healthcare professionals can browse the manual by section or search by symptom. This handy tool automatically records which areas you’ve already viewed, making it easier to return to what you previously read.


Created by WebMD, the Medscape app is one of the top mobile platforms for U.S. clinicians. Healthcare providers can check dosage information on thousands of common drugs, cross-reference treatment suggestions for more than 4,000 illnesses, and browse through an expansive database of medical journals for the latest industry news.

MedPage Today

Need to catch up on your medical reading on the go? MedPage Today’s handy app offers comprehensive medical news delivered right to your phone. All reports provided to your edition of the app are tailored to your particular specialty or interest area. The clean interface means you can peruse those periodicals quickly.

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