• Enhanced Form Customization

    Here are four new ways to customize your intake forms:

    – Custom email template per form
    – Custom header per form
    – Consent Form position
    – Progress Indicator and Default Instructions

    Check out this article to learn how to use/change these features.

  • Input Fields on Consent Forms

    Some consent forms might require more input from your client than just their signature. Now you can add input fields/forms into it to gather extra information and we made it a very user friendly tool. Check out this article to learn how to insert both types of fillable sections to your form.

  • Rating Scales

    IntakeQ can now automatically calculate simple scored questions. This is a very useful feature that can save you a lot of time if you want to assess patients using rating scales. Check out this article to learn how to enable it.

  • Better Layout For Your Intake Forms

    This is a quick update to tell you about a new feature we added to the intake form editor. With “Mixed Controls” you now have more flexibility in how you display your text boxes.

    Check out this article to learn how to use this question type.


  • Appointment Reminders

    With this new tool you can program IntakeQ  to remind your clients of their appointments. You can choose when the reminder should be sent out and you can also choose from three different types (email, text messages or a phone call) or let your clients decide if and how they want to be reminded.

    Check out this article to learn how to use it.