What you need to know about digital intake forms and the patient experience

A lot of patient paperwork will put a drag on your medical practice. It is not only frustrating on your patients’ time but also on your productivity. Due to these reasons and more, physicians and practice managers are choosing to go digital. 

Digital intake forms are customizable and easy to use. They offer much-needed support for your practice. Still on the fence? Here is what you need to know about digital intake forms and the patient experience. 

Better patient care

As a physician or practice manager, you got into your field for one reason — to deliver the best patient care. 

Let’s think about it from your patient’s point of view. Your patients walk to the reception area, suffering from one illness or another. They hurriedly fill out forms just so they can receive treatment as quickly as possible. In this case, they may even provide inaccurate information. 

However, when they can take their time to go through the forms in the comfort of their homes, they won’t be in a rush. They can slow down and make sure they’re providing you with the accurate information you need to build an effective treatment plan.

This is the power of digital intake forms. They enable patients to fill out the right information at their convenience. Thus, you will be better informed as a care provider. 

Better patient experience

Your patients are your number one priority. As such, providing satisfactory services means that you will be setting yourself up for repeat customers and, ultimately, success for your practice. 

By using electronic forms, you will show patients that you respect their time. In other words, they will no longer need to come in 30 to 40 minutes before their set appointment just to get through the paperwork. 

They can show up at the right time and stay relaxed while receiving the care that they need. 

Streamlined workflow

Have you ever misplaced a patient form? Just to spend all day looking for it only to find out that it was under your office desk? This hampers your productivity as you will switch your focus to find the missing form. 

However, digitizing means that you can completely reduce the paper chase. Additionally, you will not have to spend too much time creating forms and printing them out for hours on end. 

Thereafter, manually attaching them to patient records. Going digital means that you will reduce your workload so that you can focus on providing excellent patient care.

The ultimate solution

Today’s patients demand the best from their healthcare providers. Therefore, you have no option but to provide the best. 

By adopting the use of digital forms, you will show that you are ready to go above and beyond to meet your patient’s needs and provide personalized care. intakeQ is ready to help you make the switch! 

We understand that intake forms are the first mode of interaction between you and your patient. Thus, we want to make the process as seamless a possible. 

We provide digital intake forms at affordable prices so that your patients can shorten the amount of time that they spend in the waiting room. 

Our paperless workflow solutions will help you save time, resources and keep your business moving. Try intakeQ for free for 14 days. No credit card required.

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