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IntakeQ insider | August 2022

Announcing a new Customer Advisory Board! 

The intakeQ team always wants to hear from our customers regarding how we can continue to enhance our practiceQ solutions (including our digital forms, of course!) and our services…through our active intake Community on Facebook to many other input options. 

Now, we’re giving interested customers another way to share, with creation of a new Customer Advisory Board! If you’re interested in joining, please complete the short form located here.  

Of course, this is a voluntary option, and we will inform those selected to join our inaugural Advisory Board by the end of September. You’ll meet with us regularly to garner feedback. Plus, Advisory Board members will be the first to beta test features that are being rolled out. 

And don’t fret if the Advisory Board isn’t for you! Feature requests are still the foundation of innovation at intakeQ. We’ll continue to be laser-focused on serving you, your clinic and your clients in the best way possible.  

We’ve revamped the feature request process within practiceQ. You’ll no longer have to email us; now, you can submit feature requests directly from your account by heading to More > Feature Request. You’ll be taken to our partner site for this endeavor. Here you can submit and vote for feature requests to further help ensure your voices are heard!
Effective rate: What your card processor isn’t telling you
When most of us receive our monthly credit- or debit-card statement, complete with all of its complexity and tiny type, we do exactly what we should not — glance at it (at best), schedule it for payment and move on with our busy day. But especially for businesses that run up a large number of transactions and thus fees, that’s a huge mistake that can cause a big hit to your bottom line. 

Depending on what company you use for processing the credit and debit cards you accept, the effective rate you pay can be hard to break down, and often not what you expected. And that’s just what some processing services want you not to think through. 

Remember that even a small difference in the fees you’re being charged for transactions can add up to significant, ongoing operational costs for you. 

Just as we say that “not all online forms systems are created equal” when talking about the robust yet intuitive features of practiceQ’s digital forms, the same is true of payment processors. practiceQ Payments was most definitely designed to streamline what can be a complicated process and help save you money. 

Learn from this article how the rate is calculated, how you can compare your options, how practiceQ Payments simplifies the process and saves your bottom line! We also have a short pQ Payments video on this Support page, and a pQ Payments FAQ

The effective rate you’re paying will provide the most straightforward and accurate way to compare your card-processing options. We encourage you to examine your statement based on what we’ve explained above, or send it to us and we can help you review it.  

We’ll tell you how the fully HIPAA- and PCI-compliant pQ Payments can save you time and money by having your payments fully integrated as part of your practice-management processes (and always have a direct link to see your payments dashboard and reports as part of our one-stop solution). Simplify and save on card processing to help you optimize your operations!
intakeQ will be in Anaheim next month, staffing a booth at the September 24-25 annual conference of CPTA, the California Physical Therapy Association! We’ll be in booth #312 at The Hilton Anaheim Hotel to provide information and answer your questions about how practiceQ and its integrated intakeQ digital forms solutions are helping physical therapy professionals. If you’re attending, we’d love to see you there!
New and enhanced features available! Bulk invoicesList –> Appts –> Bulk Invoice CreationUser can filter down then multi-select from the list in order to perform a Bulk Action of Creating Invoices via a new Bulk Actions button. Forms searchUser can search existing forms, questionnaires and notes and edit or send from the search results Filter appointments by tagsFilter By Tags — List–> ApptsAbility to filter the Appointment List by tags For the latest updates, check out our update log anytime.

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